Epoxy Flooring FAQs

  • Epoxy flooring is very popular in garages due to its hard wearing durability. The resin solution makes a nice smooth surface for tyres.

    CCS can provide all of the material or help you locate an Epoxy flooring installation specialist.

  • Epoxy flooring varies depending on the square metres and type of finish you are after. CCS offers a range of Epoxy floor finishes including Flake Epoxy Floors or Metallic Epoxy floor finishes.

  • Epoxy flooring lasts much longer than painted concrete. The type and amount of resin mix used on a surface, and level of maintenance, are the main factors.

  • Epoxy floors can provide protection to concrete against stains, chemicals, oils and abrasions.

  • Maintaining your epoxy floor is simple with these tips on cleaning:
    – Remove dust, dirt and other debris with a soft broom
    – Remove food, oil and other spillages with a clean mop, clean water and a neutral cleaner with a PH of between 7 and 7.5. Always follow the use directions and ensure the product has enough working time to achieve the best result.
    – Spillages and stains should be cleaned from the surface as soon as practical to prevent surface staining or sealer degradation