LuxStone Concrete Polishing System

CCS LuxStone Concrete Polishing System

A Luxstone Polished Concrete floor provides superior reflectivity and shine to new and existing concrete. Ideal for interior use in commercial and residential projects, it is a finish that looks stunning in homes, hotel lobbies and store fronts. It is smooth, durable and easy to clean and will provide a wow factor to every project. Depending on preference, a low shine to extremely high shine can be achieved.

For new concrete, choose the pigment colour, aggregate shape, size and colour and the level of shine for a truly bespoke concrete floor.

For existing concrete, an applicator will need to review the thickness and status of the floor and then follow the below process to transform it into an elegant, desirable finish.

A Luxstone Polished Concrete Floor is achieved by grinding the surface of the slab to expose aggregates within the concrete. During the grinding process, the concrete is treated with a sophisticated CCS sealer to create a dense, smooth glossy finish.

Many materials can be added to the concrete mix including coloured or mirror glass and pebbles that glow in the dark. There are also three levels of aggregate exposure: Cream/Nil, Salt & Pepper or Full Stone.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cost-saving and longer lifespan
  • Elegant and refined appearance
  • Low VOC system
  • Scratch-resistant and low maintenance
  • Adaptable finish from low sheen to a high gloss
  • Design flexibility and aesthetically diverse options
  • Dust-free and durable
  • Full-depth colour available

Ideal Applications

  • Internal commercial and residential projects
  • New and existing floors