Galaxy Metallic Epoxy Floors

CCS Galaxy Metallic Epoxy

Discover the difference when you transform your concrete into a bespoke piece of functional art using our Galaxy Metallic Epoxy Flooring system. 

Leading the way in both design and function, this concrete resin coating is well regarded for durability and easy maintenance. Its finish is silky smooth with decorative swirls; it’s a perfect surface for residential, retail and commercial applications.

Delivering High-End Coatings with Resin

Containing metallic pigments and applied using a brushed and swirling motion, the finish creates an iridescent effect of shimmer and swirls. This decorative resin creates impact and works beautifully in restaurants, hotel lobbies, entertaining areas and more. 

You will love how an artistic-looking floor can embolden a space and give it a level of sophistication that stands out from other textures. Furthermore, you can choose from a range of impactful colours and make a spectacular statement that’s unique to your design.

Looking for inspiration? Browse our gallery and look at our completed projects that are bound to give you ideas for choosing decorative and one-of-a-kind finishes.

Understanding Pricing for Epoxy Coatings

Prices for Galaxy Metallic Epoxy will vary depending on various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Location of the project
  • Preparation requirements
  • Size of the job
  • The condition of the concrete
  • The number of hues, patterns and finishes

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely durable
  • Completely unique (no two looksare the same)
  • Low odour and environmentally-friendly product
  • Limitless design potential
  • Suitablefor high traffic areas

Ideal Applications

  • Internal use only
  • Hotel foyers and display areas
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Offices and galleries
  • Nightclubs and bars

Decorative and Colourful Coatings for Seamless Transformation

Colour reproduction can vary when viewing them on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices. For a better accurate representation of the different hues, please request a sample from our crew.

Transform Your Space for Your Next Project

If you’re looking to transform your floors with the Galaxy epoxy concrete coating in your home or business, contact our experienced by submitting an enquiry online or calling us on 1800 077 744.

CCS Galaxy Metallic Epoxy Colours

Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your computer screen and other electronic mobile devices. For an accurate representation of colour please request a sample.