Update your outdoor concrete areas

Honed concrete steps in Voodoo 87

From driveways to entertainment areas, patios to pool areas, nothing will make you prouder of your home than a beautifully landscaped outdoor area. Incorporate one of our brilliant concrete systems into your outdoor space and transform its look immediately. Whether you are renovating existing concrete, or pouring new concrete, we have a system that will best suit your needs.

Full Depth Concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable finishes, ideal for outdoor areas. When considering using new concrete, several finishes and looks can be achieved.

Full Depth Coloured Concrete

Gone are the days of plain grey concrete. Add a pop of colour to your newly poured concrete to tie in with your home’s aesthetic. It’s perfect for use in driveways, entertainment areas and outdoor spaces and is available in a range of finishes. With UV resistant pigments, you can be assured that your coloured concrete will look beautiful and last well into the future. This system will add vibrancy to any project and make a powerful first impression. Several finishes are available for Full Depth Coloured Concrete which you can read more about below.

Honed Concrete

For a smooth and flat outdoor surface, it is hard to surpass the allure of a honed concrete floor. Honed concrete floors are ideal for life outdoors. Utilise this finish in an area with an outdoor kitchen and a dining area. Easy to clean and stylish with a smooth, refined surface, this finish is perfect for all elements that come with alfresco dining. You can create a floor bespoke to your home by selecting the aggregate colour and a pigment colour from our extensive pigment range. You can view our pigment colours here.

Honed concrete steps in Voodoo 87

Exposed Aggregate

If you’re looking for a timeless and practical finish for your new driveway and outdoor path, an exposed aggregate finish is a great choice. Choose a coloured oxide and a variety of stones and aggregates that will connect best with your home. Exposed aggregate is extremely durable and ideal for high traffic areas, all while maintaining an attractive appeal. The highly textured surface of exposed aggregate, offers you a higher slip resistance, making it an ideal surface for pool surrounds and other wet areas. This finish is often associated with historical and tourist destinations around the world, so be assured that it will last for years to come.

Exposed Pebble concrete footpath using different coloured aggregates

Stylepave Overlays System

Renovate and upgrade any existing or newly poured concrete with a Stylepave Overlays System. From one colour to intricate taping and stencilling, the design possibilities for this system are limitless. It is the ultimate way to add free form design, vibrancy and texture to any outdoor area, in a cost-effective and durable way.

Stylepave Overlays is extremely hard-wearing and is suitable for vehicles and pedestrian use. If you were looking for an impactful and lively concrete system that is less expensive than a new pour, a Stylepave Overlays System is the ideal solution for you.

No matter your area, taste or budget, you can make your outdoors homely and inviting with one of our concrete systems. The versatility and allure of a concrete system is undeniable. Get in contact with us here for more information about a Full Depth Concrete system or a Stylepave Overlays System.


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