Concrete inside your home

Polished and honed concrete floors

There are many ways to include concrete inside your home. It’s commonly seen as concrete floors within a home, but it is a versatile product that can also be used as furniture and benchtops. Polished or honed concrete are popular choices when considering indoor flooring. Both options create a bespoke look that is beautiful and elegant, giving your home a high-end feel.

You can change the way polished concrete looks by adding a warm tone pigment with lighter aggregates for a soft look. Alternatively, you could opt for a combination of charcoal pigment and aggregate for a bold statement floor. The options are endless, with many colours and aggregates to add to the concrete mix for a look unique to the design of your home interior.

If a super high gloss doesn’t match in with the décor, then you can choose to polish it to a low or mid-sheen.  An added perk of choosing concrete for your indoor floor is it’s easy to clean and maintain. Concrete floors are also extremely durable and long-wearing surfaces.

Being planned in the colour, finish and floorplan of your concrete floor right from the beginning is really important. Removing and repouring concrete is a costly exercise, so avoid this potential mistake from the start.

Let’s talk about all the rooms concrete floors are ideal for.


Most people don’t consider a bathroom suitable for a concrete floor, as concrete is believed to be slippery when wet. While this is true, concrete can be installed with a slip-resistant finish. This makes concrete a safe and comfortable option for bathrooms.

If you’re sold on having concrete in the bathroom, moisture prevention is important. Make sure it is properly waterproofed to prevent water transfer and water retention in the sub floor and wall joints.

Say goodbye to grout floors when you choose concrete. A concrete floor in the bathroom only needs mopping to keep clean and dry, making it a great low maintenance option.

A honed concrete floor will bring beautiful aesthetics and versatility to your design. The long life and durability of concrete floors can also lead to greater returns if you ever sell your home.

Polished concrete bathroom



Laundries have the same considerations as a bathroom, requiring a slip-resistant finish and waterproofing. A concrete floor in your laundry is a hard-wearing solution that will have this room running like a well-oiled machine for years.

Did you know that polished or honed concrete floors absorb and release thermal energy? This means your home will be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round.


Incorporating a polished concrete floor in your kitchen is a cost-effective and beautiful choice. Its waterproof features mean spills are super easy to clean up. Concrete is a durable option that reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance over the years.

Polished or honed concrete isn’t just for the floor. This is your chance to show off a custom benchtop that matches in with your design scheme. Streamline the look throughout the whole house and incorporate a custom bench in the bathroom and laundry as well. Concrete can be polished to any sheen, so you will be able to find the perfect look for your home.

Living areas

Concrete floors are a versatile option for the most used room of the house. Honed or polished, they are family friendly, perfect for children and pets. A durable and functional option that also looks amazing! Concrete floors are also naturally allergy friendly, skid and scratch resistant and super easy to clean. You’ll never go back to carpet once you’ve had a concrete floor.