Roller covers for Epoxy and Polyurethane products

Using the correct roller covers for epoxy and polyurethane products

Many contractors overlook the importance of using the correct roller when applying epoxy and polyurethane. They are deemed to be throw away item, therefore it is enticing to use the least expensive one that can be found. However, this is fraught with danger and can lead to a second-rate finish that may have to be sanded and redone.

To put things into perspective, the materials being used are not inexpensive with most kits of quality epoxies and polyurethanes costing hundreds of dollars.

So why opt for a cheap roller to apply those expensive quality products?  Is it worth the risk?

A quality roller will provide a high-quality smooth and flat finish without the tell-tale roller markings. Additionally, if you don’t have to keep stopping to remove lint or fix up roller marks and other things that can go wrong using a cheap roller, then there is a huge saving of time and frustration.

Our recommendation for a good quality roller to use with epoxy and polyurethane products is one that has the following features:

  • Lint-free to prevent fish-eyeing from particles coming away from the roller and embedding themselves in the coating
  • Moisture-resistant thick multi ply phenolic cardboard core to prevent losing form and shape causing several roller replacements on a single job
  • High resistance to harsh solvents to prevent the glued fabric from ending up in the coating
  • A nap of 10-12mm to provide a good standard of product coverage over the surface of the floor

Our advice is simple…don’t be tempted to purchase cheap rollers to do these types of coating applications. Particularly the cheap 6 pack of rollers which are priced to look so good but will end up causing project mayhem!