What you need to know about resurfacing your driveway

Understanding the process and common questions

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How do you know if your driveway can be resurfaced?

Not all concrete can be resurfaced, as there a number of factors to consider. The good news is that if your concrete is in a good to reasonable condition there is a chance it can be done. This includes plain or bare grey concrete, painted or sealed concrete and stenciled or stamped concrete.

Updated driveway with custom design in the middle

What if your driveway has cracks in it?

If the concrete has cracks in it, there is potential for problems depending on the depth of the crack. If the crack is only fine, it can be assessed and potentially filled. However, while minor cracks can be fixed before resurfacing your driveway, we cannot guarantee that the same crack will not reappear if further movement continues.

Deep cracks or broken concrete is considered a big problem. It is best to consult a tradesperson for their expertise and guidance in a solution for this issue.

Additionally, if you are uncertain of the condition of your concrete driveway or are unsure if there is anything already applied to it, that’s okay. We can arrange an assessment and quote from our trusted applicators. Call us on 1800 077 744, email helpline@concretecoloursystems.com.au or fill in our quote form.

What if your driveway is paved or tiled?

If your driveway currently has tiles or pavers on it, a couple will need to be removed to check the surface underneath. If the surface underneath is a concrete slab, then yes, you can certainly resurface it.

What’s the process for resurfacing a concrete driveway?

You might be wondering exactly what is resurfacing? It’s a simple and straightforward method. At Concrete Colour Systems, every resurfacing job includes the following 4 basic steps:

1. Preparation and cleaning of the concrete surface

This step is all about creating an even concrete surface.

If there is an existing coating or paint, this will be ground off, and if cracks are present these will be ground and fixed. Pressure cleaning is then required to remove the excess dust caused by the grinding.

If there is no existing coating or paint, an acid wash and pressure clean is all that is needed to clean and key the surface.

2. Applying the base coat

A thin base coat is applied over the concrete and screeded till it’s level.

3. Applying the resurfacing compound

The resurfacing compound is sprayed over the surface – this is a single colour to create a slip resistant, textured finish depending on the environment and steepness of the driveway. A second colour can be added to create a flecked appearance for added depth and texture. If a design is required, this stencil or tape is applied after the base coat has dried.

Note: if you would like a design placed on your driveway, it is best to speak with the tradesperson completing the job to see what they are able to create for you.

4. Sealing of the surface

To protect your newly resurfaced concrete driveway, a CCS sealer is applied to the surface in matt or semi-gloss.

Some common questions

How long does it take to resurface a driveway?

It is dependent on the job and the condition of the existing concrete. A simple job could allow two days, while a more complex job could take three days or more. Your tradesperson will be able to give you the best estimate after examining the concrete surface.

How much does it cost?

Again, this will depend on the job, however as a guide, it is best to allow between $45-$65 per m². This may sound a lot, though we can assure you it will cost less and be less hassle than ripping up and relaying a complete concrete driveway.

How quickly can you drive on it after it’s all completed?

Depending on the weather conditions, it needs to dry and cure before you can walk or drive on it. You could be walking on it the next day and driving on it after 5-7 days.

Can I resurface the driveway myself? I’m a bit of a handyman.

The Concrete Colour Systems Stylepave Overlays system is applied by skilled and trained applicators. Resurfacing a driveway requires special equipment, skills and knowledge. It’s not recommended as a DIY project.

Interested in having your driveway resurfaced? Fill in our quote form for our team to put you in contact with some local applicators.