The information you need for a quote

Our Guide to the Basic Questions

It’s time to renovate your driveway, concrete floor, garage or any other existing concrete at your home and you’re a little unsure on what to consider for a quote. Our guide will walk you through the basic information a concreter could ask for.

What is the project?

Provide the applicator with a detailed description of the area you are looking to renovate. This includes:

  • The size of the area

This can be rough measurements, however the more exact the better. Always include the length and the width of the area. If you can provide the total square metres that is helpful, especially if it is multiple areas that make up a unique

  • The condition of the concrete

Concrete can age overtime due to the weather. If there are any cracks, broken parts, or other damage to the existing concrete, it is important to share this information with the applicator as it will impact on the viability of the project, the timeframe to complete and the final price. The more detail you can provide the better, images are a great way to explain the current condition of your concrete area.

  • The condition of the surrounding area

This information is about letting the concreter know if the worksite is on a slope, if there is any plants or trees in the way, or anything that could get in the way of working.

  • What you are wanting

Share your plans, dreams, and expectations for the area. Talk about colours, patterns, textures, anything design related. If you have photos of what you are wanting to achieve, this is the time to share them.

It is extra helpful to provide the tradesperson with photos or videos of the area in this initial conversation to assist them with providing the most detailed and accurate quote possible. Alternatively, if you are happy for them to visit your home before quoting to gather the information they need, this is a great option.

Additional information about the project?

You will also need to provide additional information about your location, desired timeframe and contact details.

  • Location of the project

This includes your address; it can just be the suburb to start with until you commit to the quote. However, it also includes information about access to the site, will there be difficulty getting tools and materials to the project area? Is the project area shared with a neighbour?

  • Timing of the project

Let the applicator know if you are wanting the project to be completed as soon as possible or within a couple of months. This helps them factor in the feasibility of finishing your project amongst their other scheduled jobs. It is important to understand at this step you might need to be a little bit flexible with timing.

  • Contact details

Share your preferred contact details for receiving the quote. This might be a different contact method to your initial conversations.

If you have any questions about your project, include them in your initial discussions with the applicator. This is just a basic guide, there might be additional information you wish to share with the concreter or that they will ask for. However, if you have the above ready it will assist you with the initial discussions and providing the necessary information for a quote.

If you would like us to connect you with a tradesperson in your local area, fill in our quote request form with as much of the above information as possible.