Epoxy Tints

CCS Epoxy Tints

CCS Epoxy Tints are designed to be used for the tinting of two pack epoxy systems. They are highly concentrated tints that display excellent opaqueness, colour fastness and intensity. The Epoxy Tints have been thoroughly tested to ensure solid surface colouring is achieved. Due to the high concentration of the Tints, only small volume additions are required for strong opacity depending on surface type, preparation and priming procedure.

CCS Epoxy Tints have been formulated to be used in conjunction with ACS and CCS branded two pack epoxies.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent colour intensity
  • Strong colour opaqueness and saturation
  • 14 popular Australian Standard colours
  • 4 Australian Standard safety demarcation colours
  • Easy pourable formulation for simple addition
  • Made from highest quality lightfast pigments
  • Superior colour strength for extreme opacity
  • Easy field blending, mixing and application