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Concrete Renovation Products & Brand-New Surfaces

Discover the CCS innovative systems that bring your residential or commercial projects to life. Use colour in a way you never have before for your flooring in garages, outdoor spaces, pool surrounds, home or office interiors, patios and more.

Ultimately, you can choose from a range of durable, UV-resistant, contemporary products with superior reflectivity and refresh your existing areas.

The crew at CCS has many years of experience in taking an existing surface and turning it into something magical with added creativity. Whether it be with our Full Depth Coloured Concrete for new surfacing or Galaxy Flake Epoxy floors, you’ll get durability and surfaces that will withstand heavy foot traffic and machinery.

We recognise that each of our products has unique elements that are impactful and give your completed project – whether a garage, patio or another type of space – an individual look using shapes, hues and sometimes even shimmering swirls.

Our concrete finishes take pathways, driveways, garages and other spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. We offer a range of other innovative finishes, including:

Transforming & Curating Diverse Concrete Coating and Protection

You’ll be spoilt for choice with our high-impact coatings that give an added resilience to your concrete surface. These protective layers help retain the natural look of your project, adding longevity and superior performance to it.

Our epoxy coatings maintain a spatial ambience. Alternatively, densifiers and hardeners infuse the pores of the concrete, creating a compact surface. If you’re looking for something more polished for the ultimate indulgence, our LuxStone Polished System is the best-integrated approach.

At CCS, we take pride in creating our range of leading products with attention to detail, passion and a drive for quality. Finally, we always aim for unsurpassed, sleek, modern finishes.

Protect and Enhance Your Resurfacing Systems

We use the latest and best products and equipment to create our iconic range of coatings. From the outset, we take a collaborative approach to conceptualise our range and build upon it, expanding our offering to meet the needs of modern projects.

Explore our options – with a range of hues, finishes and styles. Feel free to contact us should you wish to explore these options further.

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