What is LuxStone Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete in a retail environment

Besides the wonderful aesthetics, one of the standout benefits of polished concrete is the low maintenance requirement to keep it looking beautiful year round. They can be kept clean, spotless and hygienic with minimal effort. You can achieve anything from a low sheen through to a high gloss finish with polished concrete and both existing and new concrete can be polished. New concrete can incorporate particular pigment colours and aggregates of a certain shape, colour and size to compliment design themes.

LuxStone Polished Concrete is a system of CCS products that form a multi-process polishing technique using specialised chemical treatment products which react with the capillaries of the concrete to harden the substrate, allowing it to be polished using a sequence of metal and resin bond diamonds.

Custom colour and aggregate turned into polished concrete floor

The LuxStone Polished Concrete System uses four products: Formula CSH-150, GroutSol 90, Densa-Con and Sentinel WB Seal. Read through our application guidelines to achieve a high gloss. 

CCS Formula CSH-150 is a scientifically advanced hybrid compound that impregnates the pores of the concrete to bind and strengthen the surface. The result will help you to achieve a higher level of depth, clarity and reflection of polished concrete with less grinding.

CCS GroutSol 90 is a specially formulated high-performance bonding additive for use in concrete polishing processes. It is highly effective in filling and patching small voids, micro pits and pin holes to assist in achieving a higher level of lustre and clarity on polished concrete.

CCS Densa-Con is a water-based, hybrid concrete densifier containing potassium and lithium silicates that binds and hardens the top layer of the concrete to provide a dense, hard and dustproof surface in addition to increasing abrasion resistance and surface absorption of liquids.

CCS Sentinel WB Seal is a premium water-based penetrating and enhancing sealer designed for use as the final step offering superior long-term protection to polished concrete surfaces.

Polished concrete bathroom

To achieve a good result careful preparation should be undertaken, including awareness of the MPa and moisture content of the concrete to be polished. Using quality liquid concrete treatments and polishing equipment will produce good results; while sub-standard liquid treatments and equipment can lead to frustration and waste during the job.

Our Top Tips for polishing concrete.

  1. Do not rush the polishing process. Allow the liquid treatment chemicals the proper and recommended times to do the job they are designed for.
  2. Use good quality diamonds and resin pads. Inferior products can cause many issues on the job.
  3. Follow the manufacturers polishing process to the T. Do not leave out steps or add random steps.