Understanding Stylepave Overlays

Stylepave Overlays is a decorative, cementitious overlay system that can be applied to both new and existing concrete. It’s a cost-effective and relatively quick method in which to transform plain grey, old or exposed aggregate concrete into a stylish and contemporary surface. A great option for commercial and residential applications, it can be applied to most structurally sound horizontal concrete surfaces including driveways, pool surrounds and outdoor areas. CCS Stylepave can entail a simple, single coloured topping or can be far more elaborate through the use of stencils, tapes, multi-colours and various finishing techniques.

The Stylepave Resurfacing Compound is available in two different forms – one which requires a liquid polymer and water to be added and one that already contains a powdered polymer and only requires water to be added. The pigment concentrate is added to the mix and the product is then sprayed onto the prepared surface via an air-powered hopper gun.

To ensure a successful outcome it is important to pay attention to the following points.

  • Ensure that each component is measured accurately, resurfacing compound, polymer, pigment and water and that the same volume of each component is used for batch uniformity.
  • Mix properly and thoroughly for the amount of time specified on the technical data sheet. This is extremely important, if the polymer component is not intermixed properly through the resurfacing compound, then there is a chance the overlay may delaminate and crack.
  • When adding the resurfacing compound to the pail, add slowly whilst mixing. Dumping the entire contents in the bucket in one go will likely result in the formation of unblended white ball lumps that do not contain any polymer, pigment or water.
  • Spray the same way to ensure a uniform appearance across the whole job. Spraying left to right then right to left on the next pass can lead to a brushed carpet appearance.
  • Seal and protect the newly sprayed overlay the same day. If exposed to rain or heavy dew the pigment can get ‘washed out’ and the job spoiled.

Our top tips for using Stylepave Overlays

  1. In hot weather keep the resurfacing compound and polymer out of direct sunlight. If the products are allowed to become warm the effective pot life will decrease and it is more likely the resurfacing compound may become lumpy. If hot conditions do exist, consider wrapping the polymer in an ice blanket and using ice water in mixes.
  2. Have the same person make up each batch for consistency across the entire job.