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Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers are commonly used for general protection of concrete and concrete overlay systems from dirt and grime, whilst enhancing concrete colour with a wet look.

CCS Acrylic sealers are UV resistant and available in both solvent-based and water-based variants as well as high gloss and matt finishes.

Hardseal Advanced

Ideal for coating and re-coating plain, decorative and resurfaced concrete. It creates a durable resin which provides excellent resistance to marks.

Hi-Build Enduro Gloss + Matt

Ideal for coating and protecting plain, exposed and decorative concrete surfaces from the elements. Choose from a gloss or matt finish.

Alfresco Seal WB

This low VOC sealer is designed to protect and enhance whilst creating a rich finish rarely found in water-based sealers.

Colour Master Gloss + Matt

A clear sealer designed for mixing with 12 different tints to provide a long-lasting, vibrant opaque colour that protects concrete.

Petrol Resistant Sealer

This tough resin doesn’t soften when exposed to petrol spillage so is an ideal solution for service stations, workshops and factory floors.

Case Studies & Learning

The difference between sealers 

Not sure what sealer you need? Learn the key differences between an epoxy, penetrating or coating sealer in this article. 

Sealing and resealing concrete

Keep your surface looking attractive all year round by sealing it. 

Sealing natural stone

It is essential to seal natural stone to help prevent any stains or ingress of dirt and oils penetrating the surface. 

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