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Things to consider when choosing a colour

When choosing a colour for a project, we strongly recommend you use a physical, true to life colour card. The colours within the colour card are small swatches with genuine colour matched concrete brushed onto them.

To request a true to life colour card please call 1800 077 744 or email to request assistance.


Below is a few reasons why it is also important to check your colours on-site at the project:

• Ambient lighting will affect how the colour appears.

• Direct sunlight produces a different appearance to indirect light

• Indoor lighting globes vary in intensity (lux) and colour (kelvin)

Below is an example of the different types of indoor lighting and how it can change the appearance of a colour.

Computer monitors and mobile phones

Never make your final decision based on a mobile phone or computer monitor representation. The photo below illustrates why.

All three monitors and two phones display the exact same page and colour selection from our CCS website colour page. The colours on the two left monitors are distinctly warmer than the colours on the right monitor. The brightness of screens also impacts on how the colours appear.

Why does this happen? Because each monitor has a unique colour profile. All monitors will display colours slightly differently and it is almost impossible to know if your monitor will match the computer that was used to create the original swatches.

It is almost impossible to replicate a concrete colour on a computer screen.

Any web swatch is a guide to the variation between colours, rather than an exact depiction.

Printed material
While closer to the final colour match, we DO NOT recommend you choose from a printed swatch for the following reason.

The colour that is created on a printed swatch has many variables. Most colours are reproduced using a combination of 4 colours – cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Unfortunately, no matter how careful a printer is, each print run can vary the amount of ink used, the pressure of the plate and the type of paper used. The age of the printed piece will also affect colour reproduction as ink colour will fade over time. Not only that, the colour that is used to create the printed version will be generated by matching the original concrete colour on a computer monitor (we have already seen how much variation can occur with a computer monitor). Even when a monitor is correctly calibrated, the ambient light will affect how the swatch appears to the person matching the colour. 

Any printed colour swatch is a guide to the variation between colours, rather than the exact result.

So please ask for a True to Life Colour Card before making major concrete colour decisions.  Call 1800 077 744 or email to request assistance.

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