Slip Resistance

Things to consider with slip resistance

There are many combinations and decisions to be made when choosing decorative concrete finishes. Not least of which is the slip resistance that is suitable for your project. You may find your choice of texture, pattern and sealer will be influenced by the kind of traffic it will be subjected to and whether there is a need to ensure slip resistance.

CCS consider safety an integral part of our service and conduct site trials of the decorative systems and the variables so we can provide information on:

  • How each coating may (if any) impact on surface texture and slip resistance.
  • Typical slip resistance ratings of exposed aggregate, honed and polished concrete, broom and coving finishes, patterned/stamped and stencil finishes for new concrete and solutions for existing concrete surfaces.
  • Surface textures and coating combinations for slope driveways, pool surrounds and areas where food spills are likely
  • Cleaning and maintenance of coloured concrete and sealers.

CCS conducts an independent test program with the pendulum rating at actual sites rather than transport concrete to their laboratory due to its permanent and heavy nature.

Australian Standards including AS4586 Slip Resistance Classification of New Pedestrian Surface Materials, HB197 An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surface Materials and HB198 Guide to the Specification and Testing of Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces are key documents that reference which rating to specify in certain environments.

When it comes to achieving the P5-P0 slip resistance ratings (as quoted in Australian Standards), CCS can assist in many ways including:

  • Suitable surface textures and coatings advice
  • Preparing project specifications
  • Design and on-site technical support
  • Produce sample products for site trials
  • Cleaning and maintenance guides

Call our CCS Helpline to receive advice on 1800 077 744 or email

If you require a good grip on your final project, below are some ideas on how to enhance traction and safety. Please get in contact with us if it is essential the surface has a rigid grip.

Choose a surface finish that has texture. Stylepave, Stencilpave, exposed aggregate, sandblasting, coving trowel and broom finishes are examples of textured finishes.

Coving trowel and heavy broom finishes offer great resistance for driveways and pathways

Choose a penetrative sealer, rather than a film-forming topical sealer

Traction aids or grit medium that can be added to film-forming sealer will eventually wear with constant abrasion and are therefore best suited to low traffic areas

Specify a trial area be created in the case of commercial projects and request a site sample of 1m x 1m to be completed by the contractor. Contact us to discuss products for the site sample.

Request a cleaning and maintenance guide on project handover