FlakeKote 100S

CCS FlakeKote 100S

CCS FlakeKote 100S is a pioneering new product specially formulated as a high-quality surface coating solution for decorative flake flooring applications.

It is a single component, high-performance, non-flammable, low odour coating. Using industrial strength polyurethane technology, it provides an extremely durable, long-lasting, non-yellowing final coat. CCS FlakeKote 100S is designed to save time and provide convenience by only requiring one coat as the final step in a flake floor application. This single coat is equivalent to two or three coats of most other polyurethane products.

As the final topcoat, this single coat polyurethane product will safeguard the floor from stains, wear and abrasion.

Features & Benefits

  • Clear, non-yellowing formula
  • Low odour and low VOC’s
  • Strong protection from chemicals and solvents
  • Suitable for internal and external use

Ideal Applications

  • Decorative flake floors
  • Honed concrete floors