Stain Block Enricher

CCS Stainblock Enricher WB

Providing the best of both worlds, CCS Stainblock Enricher WB offers excellent resistance to oil and water whilst enhancing the surface colour.

It is a low VOC sealer that penetrates the surface, thereby maintaining the slip resistance of the original surface texture making it ideal for many applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Enriches the surface colour with little change to the surface texture
  • Provides superior resistance to oil, water and organic-based stains
  • Penetrates the surface with minimal change to the original surface slip resistance
  • Reduces water absorption and algae/mould growth
  • Durable protection and resistance to wear and tear
  • Ideal for external and internal use
  • Low VOC

Ideal Applications

  • Concrete blocks, pavers & driveways
  • Exposed, decorative and full-depth colour concrete
  • Clay pavers, bricks & tiles
  • Grouts & mortars
  • Natural stones
  • Precast panels