Petrol Resistant Sealer

CCS Petrol Resistant Sealer

CCS Petrol Resistant Sealer is a tough resin that does not soften when exposed to intermittent petrol spillage making it ideal for service stations, workshops and factory floors.

Available in clear, grey and black, it provides excellent protection against fading or leeching of oxides in concrete, and staining or marking from contaminants such as grease, oil and dirt.

Features & Benefits

  • Creates a strong film that protects from intermittent petrol spillage
  • Excellent protection from grease, oil and dirt stains
  • Available in clear, grey or black
  • Ideal for internal and external use

Ideal Applications

  • Plain, coloured and stencilled concrete
  • Stamped/patterned concrete
  • Service stations, workshops and factory floors