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What clear coating is best for your project? 

The last step in an epoxy, flake, metallic or plain coloured floor is the application of a topcoat to complement and protect the floor. Choosing a topcoat can be tough with so many products available. Below we review the various product types available and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them.



Less expensive
Good resistance to chemicals
Low VOC water-based options available
Excellent film thickness


Can have low transparency
Low scratch resistance
Low abrasion resistance
Not UV stable
Low in slip resistance when wet
Low flexibility
Short pot life of some products




High abrasion resistance
Good resistance to chemicals
UV stable
Excellent clarity and clearness
Gloss and satin finish options
Low VOC water based options available
Easily accepts anti-slip particles
Single pack available – easy to use
Longer pot life


More expensive than epoxy
Does not bond well to plain concrete
Requires multiple coats for high film thickness
High VOC if product is solvent based  



High abrasion resistance
High chemical resistance
UV stable
Extremely high gloss
Extremely high clarity and transparency
Rapid curing time & return to service
High scratch resistance



Short pot life
High cost
Very low slip resistance when wet
The application requires good understanding & skill
More susceptible to moisture vapour transmission
Less resistant to some acids

In summary, all three product types offer a good level of protection to the surface of the floor and have their place as a topcoat. Epoxy, whilst an economical option, has certain limitations such as scratch resistance, clarity and UV instability. Polyaspartic too has some constraints such a short pot life and quick application requirements, making it a little more difficult to work with. Based on that when all things are considered, polyurethane is a great general choice as a topcoat.

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