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Sealing Natural Stone

Sealing natural stone protects the surface from the ingress of contaminants and allows additional time for cleaning spills. Specifically, this means minimising the ingress of dirt, grease, mould and salts.

Sealing natural stone typically has minimal impact on the colour enhancement and surface texture when a CCS penetrative sealer is applied.

The amount of sealer required to seal is highly impacted by the texture of the natural stone and the natural stones’ porosity. Natural bluestones, basalts and slates are typically denser than travertines, limestones and sandstones.

CCS suggest the use of CCS penetrative sealers that penetrate into the stone rather than the film-forming or topical sealers than form a layer on the surface. Film-forming sealers often have difficulty penetrating into natural stone due to natural stones density resulting in delamination and sheeting from the surface.

For more dense surfaces, solvent-based sealers penetrate easier than water-based sealers.

CCS Natural Seal (solvent-based) is ideal for pool surrounds and for sealing natural stone that will not be exposed to oil-based contaminants.

CCS Stain Block (solvent-based) contains fluoropolymers which assist in repelling oil-based contaminants. It is ideal for driveways, alfresco dining, patios, pool surrounds, entrances and internal areas including vertical applications.

CCS Streetscape Seal (water-based) is a low VOC, low odour water-based penetrative sealer. CCS Streetscape also contains fluoropolymers to protect against the ingress of oil-based and water-based containments. CCS Streetscape ideal for driveways, alfresco dining, patios, pool surrounds, entrances and internal areas including vertical applications. For dense natural stone such as bluestone, some granites and slates, CCS recommends a site sample being completed to ensure sealer will penetrate.

CCS sealers are available in 20L tins. Please contacts the CCS Helpline or your nearest CCS warehouse to locate your nearest place to purchase.

Caution should be taken on denser surfaces particularly with water-based sealers and pre-sealed stone. CCS recommends a site sample be completed to ensure suitability. Sealing in submerged environments is not recommended.

If you require further information on the likely impact of sealers such as slip resistance, durability or colour enhancement, please contact our helpline on phone 1800 077 744 or

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