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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings are specially formulated for numerous flooring applications where a durable and long-term surface film is required. Such areas include but are not limited to decorative, hospitality, healthcare, educational, industrial, civil and residential applications. 

Various levels of gloss can be achieved and it is also suitable for tinting, making it an ideal solution for interior floors. 

Ultra Epoxy HB

This epoxy coating system is low VOC and ideal for use indoors, providing superior protection to concrete surfaces.

Ultra Epoxy WB

High performing and low VOC, this semi-gloss coating provides strong chemical resistance for interior floors.

Ultra Epoxy WB Primer/Sealer

A high performance coating that is ideal for priming and sealing concrete and is also an effective dust proofer.

Defend XT Industrial Epoxy

Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, this coating provides superior long-lasting, hard-wearing protection.

TripleKote Epoxy WB

Combining a primer, sealer and base coat, this coating system is ideal for use with epoxy flake floors.

Duratrac HB Epoxy

Trade strength epoxy coating suitable for all flooring applications where an economical yet robust and long-lasting coating is required.

Universal Tint

A stir-in universal colour concentrate for addition to a wide range of solvent-based, solvent-free and water-based sealing and priming products

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