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Concrete Densifiers and Hardeners

Densifiers are designed to impregnate the pores of the concrete and react with the calcium hydroxide found within the capillaries and canals to bind and strengthen the concrete into an extremely dense and compact surface. 

CCS Offers a selection of densifiers to suit specific concrete treatment needs including dust proofing, oil resistance and surface hardening. 


Designed to increase abrasion resistance and reduce surface absorption of liquid, this penetrating hardener has a natural appearance.


This unique hybrid concrete densifier penetrates into the concrete to block the capillaries and harden the surface for a dense, dustproof floor.

Densa-Con XF

Ideal for industrial flooring, this ground-breaking compound densifies, penetrates and provides superior protection from oils and liquid spills.

Case Studies and Learning

The difference between sealers 

Not sure what sealer you need? Learn the key differences between an epoxy, penetrating or coating sealer in this article. 

Sealing and resealing concrete

Keep your surface looking attractive all year round by sealing it. 

Natural stone and sealers

It is essential to seal natural stone to help prevent any stains or ingress of dirt and oils penetrating the surface.

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